Our family believes the act of planning a funeral ceremony to be one of the most valuable gifts we give to those we care most deeply about. A funeral represents an opportunity to share a story of a life well lived and convey the legacy of those who mean so much in our lives. Whether you are planning the funeral of a loved one, or pre-planning your own memorial, we hope you find the links below a helpful place to start. For more information, or to further discuss how our family can help in the planning process, please give us a call at 610.434.6304.

Customization & Personalization

Our family believes that personalization is a great tool to help convey the story of a life well lived. We take pride in working closely with each and every family we serve to learn about their loved ones, and take it upon ourselves, and our creativity, to help your family share a wonderful story. From hand-designed prayer cards and register books, personalized handouts and takeaways, to custom music playlists during viewing periods, we look forward to working with your family to fully express all the unique interests that made your loved one such a special part of so many of our lives.

Military Honors

Our family believes all veterans deserve daily recognition for the sacrifices they have made to our continued ability to experience lives of freedom and equality, with recognition at the time of death serving as no exception. Our family can work closely with the local VFW Post to provide an honor guard, final salute, proper military burial, and touching “Red Poppy Tribute” to a fallen comrade. We encourage you to contact our family to learn more about these special ceremonies for our deserving service men and women.

Casket & Urn Selection

The Stephens Funeral Home Family has many resources available to help you and your family select the perfect casket or urn to serve as an eternal resting place for you or your loved one. To visit our selection room or to learn more about selecting the perfect casket or urn for you or your loved one, please call a member of our family at 610.434.6304.


The death of someone we hold most dear often represents one of the most difficult times in our lives. In choosing to pre-plan your funeral, you can give your family the gift of peace of mind during such trying times, in addition to working with our family to craft a perfect service to reflect all the intricate pieces of your life story. We encourage you to sit down with a member of our family to start planning a beautiful service for those you love. To learn more, please give a member of our family a call at 610.434.6304.

Resource Guide

We hope this Resource Guide is helpful to answer many of your questions.  Please feel free to stop by the funeral home to receive your complimentary tabletop edition.